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|phyn˚ta˚size| /ˈfēntəsʌɪz/





To indulge in daydreaming about things beyond imagination.


Phyntasizing is more than often a means to find creative solutions to communicatieve challenges.


Whether it’s a design for a logo or a strategic and creative through the line concept for an advertising campaign.


It’s a way to discover the story of  things and to tell that story as compelling as possible.



Synonyms: fantasize very very creatively, think miles outside of the box, stir the wool behind the sheep, peek beyond the event horizon.



1981, from Phyntasy + ize or Phynta’s + eyes, first used by Stefan Da Costa Gomez, whilst toddling inside of his box. ‘Phynta’ was his self proclaimed alter ego with which he shamelessly justified the regular filling of his white baby bottom baggies. In the years after Stefan Da Costa Gomez would find other ways to express his inner creativity outside of the box.





Native language
Dutch – NL


Other languages
Fluent: English
Crappy: German, French, Spanish, Italian
No Clue: Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew and all the other languages


(1998-2002) Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam
(2000) School Of Visual Arts, New York


Agencies (as employee)
(s. 2002) Van Walbeek Etecetera


Agencies (as freelancer)
Usual Suspects, Bouwmeester Van Leeuwen, Young Works, Epidemie, Brand New Telly Industries, Bite The Lemon, De Telegraaf Media Groep, Nu:Rotterdam, Make Amsterdam, They, Daybreak Content, Nudnik ,Sticky Stuff


Worked for the following clients
The Student Hotel, Procter & Gamble, Oxxio, Sky Radio, Marktplaats, Saab, Kunstgebouw, PostNL, Auping, Crystal Clear, Malibu, De Telegraaf, Plastic Whale, Face This, KNMP,, Captcha, TU Delft, Endemol, RTL, NPO, BOVAG, CJP, Walibi, Gouden Loeki, Cannes Lions Amsterdam, Celavita, LG, Fujifilm


Teacher (2011 – 2012) at Styling Academy Artemis, Amsterdam

Volvo C70 Poster

School of Visual Arts, NY


Stefan Da Costa Gomez


Tibor van Ginkel

International student ANDY award 2001