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For a big online study related to the purchase of tin cans in the Dutch, French and British market, Phyntasize designed 1024 different tin can mock-ups based on, 4 different food categories, 19 different brands, 9 different can shapes, 7 different opening systems and 10 different wrappers.

Not using original package designs, it was important that the mock-ups would be simple and clean while maintaining the look and feel of the specific brand as much as possible and being recognisable for the research participants.


对于一个关于在荷兰,法国和英国市场购买锡罐的大型在线研究,Phyntasize设计了1024种不同的锡罐模型,4种不同的食品类别,19个不同的品牌,9种不同的罐形状,7种不同的开口 系统和10个不同的包装。 不使用原始包装设计,重要的是,模型将简单和干净,同时尽可能保持特定品牌的外观和感觉,并为研究参与者识别。


Design Phyntasize – Stefan Da Costa Gomez
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