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Drift Brouwers from Rotterdam asked me to create an illustration for the label of their second thirst quenching instalment of beers. After a successful IPA the brewers created a crisp easy on the tongue stout named Beetje Stout (which also means A Bit Naughty in Dutch). It’s a great beer to drink in autumn, but you’ll want to drink it all year round. The base for the illustration is a pattern of autumn leaves. The story being told, is that of Eve in a parallel world of beer where the candy of seduction is not an apple but a nice green juicy hop flower.


来自鹿特丹的Drift Brouwers邀请我为他们的第二个渴求淬火啤酒的标签创造一个插图。 成功的IPA之后,啤酒酿造者在舌头上创造了一个脆的容易,名为Beetje Stout(这也意味着荷兰的A Bit Naughty)。 这是一个伟大的啤酒,在秋天喝,但你会想要喝它一年四季。 例证的基地是秋叶的样式。 故事讲述的是,夏娃在一个平行的啤酒世界,诱惑的糖果不是一个苹果,而是一个漂亮的绿色多汁的花花。


Illustration Phyntasize – Stefan Da Costa Gomez
Client Drift Brouwers