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Heart services brands that are made of flesh and blood. Their 5 brand beliefs are defined by the most important human aspects: Heart, Brain, Gut, Hand and Foot. With that in mind these 5 patterns were created to be used as playful visual devices for their presentations and as wrapping paper. The base pattern was the heart one which is based on microscopic images of heart muscle fibres.


心脏服务品牌由血肉制成。 他们的5个品牌信念由最重要的人类方面定义:心脏,大脑,肠道,手和脚。 考虑到这一点,创建了这5种模式,用作其演示文稿和包装纸的有趣视觉设备。 基础模式是基于心肌纤维的显微图像的心脏模式。。


Illustration Phyntasize
Client Heart.
heart pattern and icon
heart pattern full
brain pattern and icon
brain pattern
gut pattern
gut pattern
hand pattern and icon
hand pattern
foot pattern and icon
foot pattern
heart pattern wrapping paper
heart pattern boxes wrapping