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Media agency Mindshare needed their strategy on adaptive marketing, named Road to Adaptive, translated into a fun and easy to follow infographic. The result is an A3 sized roadmap illustrating the strategic roadtrip a clients takes with Mindshare towards the best adaptive marketing solutions. The map was presented as a handout as well as visual support for digital presentation.


媒体机构Mindshare需要他们的适应性营销战略,称为道自适应,翻译成一个有趣和易于跟踪信息图。 结果是一个A3尺寸的路线图,说明了客户使用Mindshare实现最佳自适应营销解决方案的战略路线。 该地图被作为讲义以及数字呈现的视觉支持。


Illustration & design Phyntasize – Stefan Da Costa Gomez
Agency Brand New Telly
Client Mindshare